About Us

Many years back Singtam was a small transit town.In 1950 the people of this town felt an urgent urge for having a center of learning.They wanted a school.With tireless effort and a commited dedication a small primiary school was finally established on 1st March 1950 and named as Gandhi Pathsala. The same pathsala has now become an epitome of knowledge and is known as Government Senior Secondary School Singtam. In the initial years the school was managed by a committee which was recognized by the Government of Sikkim under the reign of the King of Sikkim in the year 1953. With the passage of time the school has witnessed many changes in its journey of becoming what it is now. The School was established as a Primary School and was upgraded upto sixth (VI) standard in 1953.In 1958 it was again upgraded by one level (VII) and it took another 5 years to upgrade to its next level (VIII) (i.e. in 1963 it became Junior High School).After running as JHS for 15 long years, in 1978 it was upgraded to Secondary level (X) and in 2004 it reached its highest level (XII), which we now proudly call GOVERNMENT SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL SINGTAM.